Cuatrecasas Accelera just ended its second edition with the celebration of the Demo Day at the Cuatrecasas Auditorium in Madrid, where participant startups presented their respective projects in front of investors and global audience.

Cuatrecasas Acelera is the program of  Cuatrecasas and Telefónica Open Future, supported by StepOne to empower entrepreneurial talent, innovation and scale up of startups, focusing on giving answer to current challenges and trends of society with a significant degree of legal complexity.

Validated ID has been the winner of the second edition of Cuatrecasas Acelera, out of +100 competing startups, with the project VIDchain, a decentralized self-sovereign digital solution based on Blockchain.

Meanwhile, IOMED, a software tool that allows the extraction in real time of medical data of a given patient’s clinical history, has received the special mention of the jury for the outstanding exploitation of the accelerator program possibilities.

The jury has been formed by Alberto Moratiel, Director of Institutional Relations at Enisa; Carlos Floría, Investment Director at Inveready Technology Investment Group; Clara Gutiérrez, StepOne Ventures’ CEO; Diana Rivera, Corporate Lawyer and Partner at Cuatrecasas; Iñaki Arrokala, K Fund’s founder and director; and Valentín Fernández, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Telefónica Open Future.

During the presentation of VIDchain, Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID, explained that “the possibility of decentralized self-sovereign identity based on blockchain becoming a global reality, it’s no doubt, a fact. The standarization teamwork we are doing with all the international players of the ecosystem found in DIF is just one of the multiple examples of it”. Following the presentation of Santi, Ivan Basart, CTO of Validated ID, performed a live Demo of VIDchain’s new PoC version, uploading a wide range of his ID attributes into the wallet, attributes such as social logins, Spanish ID card via NFC and live authentication through facial recognition technology of Gradiant. Once the digital identity was built, Iván completed an automatic fast user onboarding on the electronic invoice service Pimefactura.

The president of Cuatrecasas, Rafael Fontana, has highlighted how this type of initiatives help foster innovation and development of new disrupting businesses and he has announced how, after the success of the Cuatrecasas Acelera’s firsts two editions, there will be a third edition with a renewed format to keep up the outstanding support to startup focusing on a dynamic practical support.

After the win, the first thing Santi Casas pointed out was gratitude towards every person involved in this success, starting with Cuatrecasas, Telefónica Open Future and StepOne, and ending with “special recognition to Validated ID’s Dream Team. Immensely proud.”

Validated ID Team