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We would like to let you know about our effort regarding the AS4EDI20 implementation since it is a critical one for Validated ID. During the previous months, the consortium worked on the analysis phase, studying the European and national contexts so that the implementation could be well-founded. One of the key directives examined was the eIDAS Regulation. 

We have established the basis for integration of a Peppol connector with our electronic invoice portal. Mainly:

  • The SMP, developed with phoss, is operational in the TEST environment
  • The access point, developed with Oxalis, is now operational and is in the midst of passing its Acceptance Test

In this phase, the University of Valencia supplied guidelines to the consortium, as well as providing their experience from previous projects. Having completed this phase, we moved onto the technical implementation, where AS4 will be integrated into our PEPPOL access points.  

We will now be able to offer our clients eDelivery services that adhere to the eIDAS Regulations, a more secure and safe method of transferring and receiving electronic documents.

AS4EDI20 was granted under the CEF Telecom Program and is co-financed by the Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA). Learn more on:

Connecting Europe Facility

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