Validated ID becomes partner of US company DocuSign, the global leader in Electronic Signature

Validated ID has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the global market leader of electronic signature, the American company DocuSign. From now on, according to the agreement reached, ValidatedID will distribute DocuSign electronic signature services both independently as well as integrated with the current global electronic signature service ViDSigner. As a DocuSign partner, Validated ID will participate this week in Momentum, the international event organized by DocuSign that takes place days 1 to 3 June in London.

“We lacked a piece to complete the electronic signatures services puzzle. Our service ViDSigner solves the signer identification in face to face scenarios by using biometry and in the remote scenarios using qualified certificates. However our customers demanded also a solution for the remote signature scenarios where no enrollment of the user can be performed. This is something a bit far away from our European electronic signature vision so at the end we decided to partner with DocuSign, the global leader in this area”, says Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID.

DocuSign is the first and only third-party service that provides Validated ID. “Our purpose is to offer any solution that our users require to sign documents, and DocuSign service comes to complete the ViDSigner signature services”, says Casas.

With this strategic alliance, the relationship between Validated ID and DocuSign is not limited to the distribution of DocuSign services. Validated ID has integrated ViDSigner with DocuSign, this allows combining DocuSign remote signatures with face to face biometric ViDSigner signatures in an easy way, combining in one service the best of both proposals.

ViDSigner biometric signature service, which was our first service, is currently very consolidated and has great acceptance. We recently also deployed ViDSigner Mobile and ViDSigner Web with the same key factors that led us to succeed with ViDSigner: legal certainty and easy of use”, says Santi.

Validated ID will show all these developments in Momentum event at London as well as other events where ValidatedId participates such as the “XV Congrés d’Arxivística de Catalunya” or Digital Security Congress 2015 that take place in Madrid on next June 18, 2015.

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