Suggested devices

Although the range of tablets currently supported for signing with ViDSigner Bio is very wide on the three main platforms (Android, iOS and Windows), we can recommend the following models based on different criteria such as availability, usability, quality and price:

Suggested devices | Validated ID

Samsung Tab A with s-pen

The most economical model for sale. Passive pencil included in the price

WARNING! A Samsung Tab A model exists that does not have an s-pen and is not compatible. Make sure it includes the pencil and the product code contains P580 (not T580).


Other Android options

Suggested devices | Validated ID

iPad 2018 + Pencil

Apple quality and reliability in a new model at an affordable price

WARNING! The Apple Pencil is required and it’ s sold separately. Please note that apple pencil is only compatible with the latest version of iPad or iPad Pro

Other iOS opctions

Suggested devices | Validated ID

MS Surface Pro + Pen

All the power of a Windows laptop with the mobility of a tablet. Full functionality in a single device.

WARNING! The Surface Pen is required and sold separately. The pen is not compatible with Surface Pro 1 or Pro 2

Other Windows options

Need a stand for your tablet?

We have custom-made rotating stands (currently only valid for the Samsung Tab A) that are perfect for securing the tablet at a counter.

Ask us about availability and price

Do you need to use specific devices to sign with ViDSigner? Why?

Only for signing with ViDSigner Bio (handwritten signature).

ViDSigner Bio is a handwritten signature service where the evidentiary force is focused on capturing the biometric information of the signature. This information is collected on the basis of the ISO/IEC 19794-7:2014 standard and must be of sufficient quality and completeness for it to be accurate.

Among the information that is considered essential for a correct calligraphic expertise is the pressure that is applied when signing that not all devices can collect or do not do so with sufficient precision.

Just because they’re specific devices doesn’t mean they’re rare or hard to get. These are ordinary tablets on the market that come with a standard or accessory stylus with the ability to pick up pressure.

I have an out of stock tablet. Is it still valid?

Even if the model is no longer available, the tablet can still be used with ViDSigner Bio. Consult our full list of all compatible models and in case of doubt consult us!

Can a tablet be compatible without being listed?

Of course! The tablet market is changing rapidly and more and more manufacturers are opting for the use of high-precision stylus, so sometimes it takes a while to find out the latest news.

If you suspect that there is a new model that can be compatible, just ask us! We will be happy to check it