NewLog introduces the biometrical signature on SAP with ViD Signer

One of the main problems of conventional electronic signature is the complexity of the integration in the business processes for those who want to use electronic documents on their systems.

When Validated ID designed the biometrical signature system ViD Signer, the aim was to provide it with the maximum legal guarantees and make easy its integration to any application. In order to achieve it, ViD Signer has various REST services at disposal of the applications that enable uploading documents to be signed, see the document status, upload documents once they have been signed, etc.

 NewLog, Validated ID partner in the health care industry, has achieved, in record time, HIS (Health Information System) integration based on SAP with ViD Signer. This way informed consents, discharge patients, attendance proof and any other kind of document managed by SAP can be sent to be signed to ViD Signer, enabling to the HIS to manage electronically all the documents of the system and delegating the complexity of the signatures management on ViD Signer It is a transparent process for the User. On the printing menu appears a new option that enables choosing between sending the documents to a printer, in order to sign it on paper, or to ViD Signer device to be signed electronically. 

About NewLog IT:

NewLog Nueva Lógica de los Negocios IT is a ICT industry company, with the participation of Grupo Seidor, with a strong vocation towards giving consultancy services and integrating systems in the health industry and becoming the technologic partner of our clients.

NewLog professionals have a wide experience on design, implementation, development, support and put into operation IT solutions, specially on SAP.

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