“The future of the paperless signature” ViDSigner presentation at MWC2016

On Tuesday February 23 at 17:30 in the Catalunya Pavilion at Mobile World Congress, Ivan Basart, CTO of Validated ID, will give a presentation entitled “The future of the paperless signature” showing the new trends in electronic signatures.

Sign easy and secure without papers has been a challenge for many years. We live in a digital ecosystem (smartphones, tablets, cloud…) but there are still many documents signed with pen and paper. Changes in technology and the legal framework are offering more opportunities, especially now with the new european legal framework. We will present the new trends in electronic signatures: handwritten electronic signatures, signing with voice, with national id cards (eDNI) on a smartphone with NFC…. and outline the most relevant points to assure the legal and technological security of the digitally signed documents.

During our presentation we will show you the new trends in electronic signature and outline the most important points to ensure legal certainty and technology of the signed documents.

Make sure to be there at Tuesday 17:30 !

Furthermore, we will glad to show you the new features of ViDSigner at our booth (booth 42 CS50).

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