Usage of electronic signatures in logistical processes

Benefits of the usage of electronic signatures in the logistics industry

Dedicated mainly to storage, transport, distribution, inventory, packaging etc., the logistics industry is comprised of a large number of processes, which oftentimes are still being carried out in the same way as decades ago. Electronic signatures however, are able to streamline those processes and provide a solution that allows for paperwork being processed entirely online, without hassles and delays, resulting in a reduction of costs, a higher satisfaction of the involved parties as well as an increased efficiency in daily operations.

Introducing electronic signatures in the processes of orders and shipments leads to reduced handling times and a faster resolution of issues produced during those processes, while also providing extra security in legal terms. The Biometric Signature on tablet is capable of capturing the electronic signature’s biometric data, such as stroke pressure, speed, or inclination – parameters, which can uniquely identify the signer. 

While the biometric signature is a valuable asset for any logistics company, it is not the only type of digital signature that can be of great use in this industry. Signing delivery notes and invoices as well as other paperwork with the Centralized Signature, the Remote Signature (via smartphone), or the Stamper, reduces not only costs but also the use of paper drastically while allowing for the centralization of information in a more efficient and effective manner.

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Advantages of using VIDsigner digital signatures in the logistics industry

The different electronic signatures of VIDsigner provide legal security, agility and traceability, while reducing administrative costs and process time thanks to the digitization of documents.

In addition, this sector, strongly accustomed to crossing borders, is favored by the trust in electronic transactions – thanks to the eIDAS regulation that is applicable to the entire territory of the European Union.

benefits of VIDsigner electronic signatures for the logistics industry

Reduces costs

Drastic reduction of the use of paper and thus physical storage space.

More efficient 

Thanks to the option of seamlessly integrating the electronic signature in the company’s existing software, workflows are executed faster which leads to a decrease of contract completion time.

Increases productivity

Less time spent processing and signing logistics contracts allows your organization to focus on other more important tasks.

More accurate processing

Through the use of digital signatures misplaced documents and duplicated paperwork are avoided. Additionally, there is no need for re-entering information manually, thus reducing the risk of mistakes.

Decreases legal risk and ensures compliance

Signed documents are automatically stored and safe, making it impossible to be tampered.

Increases convenience for the end-user

Documents to be signed can be sent to any device used by the other party – tablet, smartphone or PC. Additionally, they reassure your customers and partners that their personal information is safe and secure.

Environmental friendly

Turning processes paperless reflects your commitment as an eco-conscious company.

VIDsigner’s electronic signature features

VIDsigner is a guarantor of legal security for its entire range of digital signatures

From the Biometric Signature on table, which makes the signature process as easy as signing on paper while capturing essential evidence, which can be used in court; to the Remote Signature, which uses a double verification via e-mail and SMS with one-time passwords (OTP) to confirm the user’s identity. 

Thanks to the use of high international standards, it is fully ensured that documents signed with VIDsigner are self-contained, guaranteeing their independence, and remain valid over time. Final signed agreements can then be automatically distributed to relevant parties, instantly.

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