Validated ID & Firmaprofesional present a biometric signature pilot to digitalize procedures at the public health service

From an initiative promoted and supervised by the TICSalut Foundation of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the company Validated ID has deployed its digitalized signature service ViDSigner, based on tablets, for a pilot in public health that aims to eliminate the use of paper in the signing procedures of relevant documents as informed consents by patients and doctors in hospitals, clinics and medical practices.

The pilot was conducted at the Hospital of Campdevànol, Ripollès county hospital (Girona) and has been tested on Samsung Galaxy Note and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, both supported by ViDSigner. The Costaisa group, has participated integrating the biometric signature service ViDSignerwith Chaman, the HIS system (Health Information Sistem) used by the hospital.

Firmaprofesional, the Certification Authority  and Validated ID’s partner, has been in charge for document management, the template system and the systems of convetional digital signatures based on the physician’s college id cards.

Firmaprofesional and Validated ID will present the digitization of medical records pilot during the  ACES Conference aimed to showcase the latest technological trends in the health sector. It will take place next 27th of November at the Clínica Planas Barcelona auditorium.

The event, which Validated ID and Firmaprofesional are preferred sponsors, will demonstrate the new technological tools that may affect the provision and receipt of health services and improve the service to patients and customers in the near future of the sector.

When performing the pilot, the fact that the Catalan Public Health has launched the Catalonia  Shared Medical Record (HC3), has been key to the project. This enables access to relevant information from clinical records of health centers of the public care network and the Personal Health Folder, that is stored in a secure digital space. It allows the citizens, through digital authentication and secure user name and password, access to their personal health information, make inquiries and to carry out procedures. As a result, because of their digital nature, the documents generated in the pilot at the Campdevánol Hospital can be delivered directly to the HC3 and to the Personal Health Folder, now re-named as La Meva salut  (Cat@Salut)

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