Validated ID presents the latest biometric signature’s advances in the XXII Health Law National Spanish Congress

Technology progress has generated an increasing digitalization of the medical documentation, a fact that is still uncertain for professionals and patients because of its validity in legal processes. However, companies such as Validated ID or Firmaprofessional have demonstrated that tools like biometric signature can be very legally robust, at the same time that accelerate healthcare formalities avoiding a great amount of heavy bureaucracy.

This solutions are precisely the ones Validated ID will present during the XXII Health Law National Spanish Congress, that will take part at Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Madrid October 15th to 17th and will embrace together with the principal topis of this year’s edition the healthcare professionals’ Penal Responsibility after the Penal Code reform that will entry into force next first of July.

As national electronic handwritten signature leaders and promoters of innovative projects that suggest paperless solutions in health centers, maximum responsibles of Validated ID will take part of ‘Firmaprofesional’ Workshop (Friday October 16th, 4-6pm, Room Gregorio Marañon) where, moderated by Ignasi Pidevall, Legal Director of Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona,  other prestigious electronic signature experts like Jordi Masias, CEO of Firmaprofesional, or Nacho Alamillo, General Manager of ASTREA will also take part.

Fernando Pino, Legal Director of Validated ID, will offer a talk to deal with topics related to professionals and patients’ electronic identity, the biometric signature advances, and the proven electronic handwritten signature’s efficiency. “Not every system of documents’ electronic handwritten signature is good at. The good news is that robust solutions exist”, Pino explains.

After different talks where the experts in this topic will explain the European electronic signature news, Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID, and Marc Giró, Commercial Manager of Firmaprofesional, will carry out a demonstration of the biometric signature applied to the healthcare sector to expose how new technological solutions improve healthcare services’ provision and reception as well as professional and patients’ services. “Healthcare sector has been, historically, a pioneer sector regarding technologic advances adoption. In electronic signature’s adoption is still maintaining this leadership”, Casas ensures.

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