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The perfect on the move solution for recruitment through sales reps

On the move and on site signing in offices.

Banking and Insurance | Validated ID

ViDSigner Bio offers the best alternative to face to face signing in offices, excelling in operations that require greater technical and legal security due to their importance.

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The incorporation of quick and simple electronic signatures when on the move extensively enhances the results of campaigns to capture clients.

QRenta Smart is one of the best tools in Spain to boost the online management of your commercial network. It allows you to complete any type of administrative procedure in a digitilised and online fashion. QRenta Smart integrates ViDSigner for client signatures for pre-contractual forms, contracts and any requests made throughout the duration of the contract, resulting in almost instant answers to the requests received from the back office. This makes the process much faster and enhances administrative quality.

“We have gone beyond normal paperless management systems. Complete digitization from the first point of contact with the customer at the point of sale ensures the complete elimination of physical paper. As such, we are incredibly proud of our contribution in helping the environment.”

Jaume Miquel, General Director of QRenta
Banking and Insurance | Validated ID