Banking and Insurance

The perfect on the move solution for recruitment through sales reps

On the move and on site signing in offices.

Banking and Insurance | Validated ID

VIDsigner Bio offers the best alternative to face to face signing in offices, excelling in operations that require greater technical and legal security due to their importance.

contract | Validated ID

The incorporation of quick and simple electronic signatures when on the move extensively enhances the results of campaigns to capture clients.

Benefits of digital signatures for the insurance and banking industry

Electronic signatures allow for faster digital procedures, which can help the insurance and banking sector to enhance their service for current and new customers. Using electronic signatures, brokers are able to achieve immediate closure on documents such as health questionnaires, insurance policies, legal protection of personal data agreements, medical reports, and SEPA mandates, among others.

Send and receive documents faster

Thanks to the implementation of electronic signatures, the organization of workflows is being facilitated and signed agreements can be received immediately. VIDsigner also gives you the possibility of receiving a notification once a pending signature has been created

Sign documents from anywhere

With VIDsigner’s Remote Signature you can send a document to be signed directly to the signer’s smartphone. Before the document can be signed, the signer will be required to perform a two-factor authentication (via email and SMS) in order to verify their identity.

More professional, more secure

Any document signed with VIDsigner’ digital signatures is encrypted with the highest international standards. This guarantees that the collected evidence of the signing process is self-contained and that the signed agreements can’t be tampered.